Build and manage perfect-fit portfolios with institutional-grade precision, at an affordable price.

Quantly is leveling the investment management playing field. We help professional portfolio managers and self directed investors generate alpha on par with the heavy hitters without deep pockets or vast computing power.

Use the Quantly platform to swiftly build portfolios of investments by finding undervalued stocks that match specific, defined investment preferences, and to continually monitor and rebalance holdings to maximize profit opportunities and minimize risk.

The power behind our platform is an unmatched combination of sophisticated, time-tested algorithms, hyper-fast data processing speed and professional equity analysis. We believe in value investing—a philosophy developed by Benjamin Graham and used with great success by Warren Buffett. Our system uses options data and technical analysis to identify timing to enter into a position and optimal options strategy for rebalancing.

Portfolio Construction

  • Real-time trade ideas for equity portfolio construction using quant models
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Stock and sector ranking
  • Options strategies optimized based on our ranking and market volatility

Portfolio Rebalancing

  • Asset re-allocation and back testing using options and long and short stocks
  • Markowitz, Equal Weight and other models to optimize existing portfolios
  • Trade ideas based on options and equity data

Turn to Quantly to:

  • Cut through the clutter of research and analysis on the market
  • Prioritize research efforts
  • Rank stocks
  • Screen for investment ideas
  • Construct a portfolio matching an investment profile
  • Monitor portfolios for performance and risk
  • Rebalance portfolios
  • More efficiently manage a portfolio of portfolios