The Quantly Platform

Quantly is an affordable point-and-click cloud-based equity research and portfolio management platform. Our system empowers professional portfolio managers, self directed investors and other institutional investment managers to accomplish two vital tasks:

Portfolio Construction

Quantly enables you to swiftly build portfolios of investments using the value investing strategy—that is, finding stocks below their fundamental value.

We use data science to find undervalued stocks and rank them based on probability of movement and we use options data to identify timing to enter into a position. Our veteran team completes technical and fundamental analysis to validate the output of our algorithms. We offer two turnkey ways for you to use this data for customized portfolio construction:

  1. Quantly Trade Idea Tool—Use our cloud-based platform to identify optimal investment opportunities that are consistent with a defined set of criteria.
  2. The Quantly Scoop—Access our full ranking of the most overperforming and underperforming stocks based on predicted variance versus the S&P 500 Index (SPX); evaluate the fit of each potential investment for the portfolio in question.

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Portfolio Rebalancing

Quantly enables you to monitor the performance of your investment portfolios and continually rebalance them—in aligment with Modern Portfolio Theory—to outperform the market, given a defined risk profile and other preferences.

For each of your portfolios, the Quantly platform will recommend a more optimal portfolio, using options to achieve the desired balance. Our rebalancing algorithm constructs these efficient portfolios by examining asset correlation and using the optimization scheme you specify.

Using our point and click interface, automate or manually set rebalance schemes, rebalance frequency and desired return.

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