Portfolio Construction

Easy-to-use tools to quickly assemble and analyze your equity portfolios

Quantly enables you to swiftly build portfolios of investments using the value investing strategy (developed by Benjamin Graham and used with great success by Warren Buffett). To achieve superior returns, value investors seek to buy stocks below their fundamental value.

Quantly uses data science to find undervalued stocks and rank them based on probability of movement. Our Portfolio Construction tools enable you to target the trade ideas that match specific, defined investment preferences.

Our platform is based on proprietary, time-tested algorithms and a forecast model system used to rate stocks and identify potential opportunities. All ideas have also been vetted by Quantly’s veteran team using fundamental and technical analysis of the underlying stock. Our thorough process combining quantitative and qualitative inputs to help you construct investment portfolios is simply unmatched; our history of excellence in predicting trade performance outcomes speaks volumes. Learn more about the science behind Quantly.

We offer two turnkey ways to build a customized portfolio of investments:

Quantly Trade Idea Tool

Use our cloud-based platform to identify optimal investment opportunities that are consistent with a defined set of criteria.

1. Identify the criteria to build the portfolio, including type of investment (stock/option), timeframe, risk tolerance and direction.

2. Access Quantly’s customized trade ideas. For each, we’ll provide a buy/sell rating, short term trend (bullish/bearish), probability of trading at a specified level during the chosen horizon.

3. Access research for each trade idea to help determine your action

Quantly Trade Idea Tool

The Quantly Scoop

Access our full ranking of the most overperforming and underperforming stocks.

Each week, our sophisticated algorithm ranks trade ideas with the highest potential for return based on predicted performance variance versus the S&P 500 Index (SPX). Then our team of trading industry veterans completes analysis to validate the ranking.

Tap into the full output of our algo platform and conduct your own evaluation of the fit of each potential investment for the portfolio in question.

The Quantly Scoop

To maximize profits, continually rebalancing a portfolio is as important as stock selection. Learn about Quantly’s Portfolio Rebalancing tools.